What is ozonation?

Ozone treatment is a disinfection method that is used without chemicals where the biocide is ozone, a gas with strong oxidizing properties.

Ozone treatment is ideal where microbiological purity and sterility are required in the immediate human environment and to obtain an environment free from unpleasant odors and health-threatening micro-organisms, viruses, fungi and fungal spores.

Ozone treatment is an excellent and ecological method that not only disinfects the house or apartment you are staying in, but also helps you remove unpleasant odors from your environment. Ozone treatment is a safe method and its main advantage is the physical removal of odors rather than masking them.

In addition to water ozonation, air ozonization has recently become one of the most popular disinfection methods due to its effectiveness. The benefits of ozone as a strong oxidizing agent are widely used in the automotive industry. The ozonator allows disinfection of car air conditioning and disinfection of the entire interior of the car. Ozone treatment is also increasingly common in different areas of our lives.