Disinfection of houses and apartments

Disinfection of
houses and apartments

We offer a natural and safe method of disinfection, thanks to which you will get rid of all pathogens that threaten your health and the health of your loved ones.

Thanks to its unique properties, ozone removes unpleasant odors too, leaving hygienic and refreshed rooms.

disinfection of house or apartment

Ozone for health

Ozone is great for removing mites and other allergens from your home in case someone in your household is allergic to them. It allows you to easily adapt the home to the arrival of a newborn, terminally ill person, people with allergies or other diseases that require clean spaces.

Ozonation removes excess bacteria, viruses, fungi and their spores, mites and all other microorganisms from your environment.

removing unpleasant odors at home

Ozone for comfort

Have you bought a house or flat and you are annoyed by the smell of tobacco smoke or the musty smell in the air? Or maybe on the contrary – you are selling and want to introduce a new buyer to a clean and fresh interior?

Ozone is the solution for you. It will remove unpleasant odors resulting from dampness of the rooms and their use (e.g. for smoking), as well as the smell of paint, varnish, solvents, etc. remaining after the renovation.


The rooms subjected to ozonation meet the highest sterility standards


The devices on which we work are also used by military laboratories


Sterilization of a 50m² room takes only 2 hours!


Ozonation is a natural method with virtually no impact on the environment


What is ozone?

What is ozone?

The name ozone comes from the greek word “ozein” which means “fragrance”. It is a triatomic oxygen molecule. While an ordinary oxygen molecule consists of two atoms (hence the designation O2), one ozone molecule combines three atoms of this element

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