Disinfection of offices

Disinfection of

One of the key factors influencing work efficiency in an office is air quality. Pathogens contained in it can cause breathing problems even to people without allergies. This, in turn, leads to a decline in efficiency and even disease.

Take care of the highest air quality in the workplace for yourself and your employees. Thanks to ozone, you will disinfect office rooms and take a full breath of air free from mold, fungi and their spores.

hygiene and comfort in the workplace

Ozone for office

Take care of the safety and health of employees by removing all bacteria, viruses, fungi and unpleasant odors in the workplace.

Do you manage an office building or other building? Ozone will help you eliminate the smell of smoke in smoking areas.


The rooms subjected to ozonation meet the highest sterility standards


The devices on which we work are also used by military laboratories


Sterilization of a 50m² room takes only 2 hours!


Ozonation is a natural method with virtually no impact on the environment


What is ozone?

What is ozone?

The name ozone comes from the greek word “ozein” which means “fragrance”. It is a triatomic oxygen molecule. While an ordinary oxygen molecule consists of two atoms (hence the designation O2), one ozone molecule combines three atoms of this element

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What is the potential of ozon?

Ozone has a strong and fast effect on pathogenic bacteria such as: Salmonella, E. Coli, Clostridium, Cryptosporidium and also has a high ability to neutralize spores, cysts and many other micro-organisms. Bacterial, fungal and virus killing activity is used in

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