Effects of ozonation of technical rooms

Ozone treatment is a method that allows you to remove harmful allergens that cause allergic reactions or upper respiratory problems. They are also used to freshen up the infected air, to remove unpleasant odors of both organic and inorganic origin, including the smell of tobacco smoke. Ozone does not mask bad odors, but removes them by reacting with volatile particles that carry odors, causing them to break down. Ozone treatment in technical areas also removes harmful substances from the room.

Thanks to the regular use of this disinfection method, the air in a given room is much cleaner, fresher and eliminates many health problems. After disinfection by ozonation, the house becomes a safer place, especially for children, the elderly and people with reduced immunity, who are mainly exposed to the harmful effects of different types of substances. The air is cleaner and richer in beneficial substances. It makes it easier to breathe and reduces health problems (with chronic, incurable diseases).

Regular ozonation allows you to remove all insects such as cockroaches, spiders, moths and rodents such as mice, rats (insects and rodents that detect ozone leave the affected area).